The Anatomy of a Heart | Night Two

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  1. Hello, I heard about you through Fr. Jason and saw your video. Because of past things that happened I have made decisions that have hurt me and others. I made decisions also out of fear. There is also someone that is angry and will not forgive me for decisions I made. They are very mean and have no patience with me. I can not give them what they want and the relationship is destroyed. It is a really sad situation as this is family of origin. I am sorry for everything but my decision is permanent and affects my immediate family and family of origin. I was taught performance was everything and could not measure up. It affected my whole life. There is much more to my story but needless to say I wish I had made different decisions. The world is changing quickly and there is not a lot of time but I want to be right with God and my family to be saved. Lots of confusion and sadness and regret happening. I just want to do what is right for myself and my family. Need continued healing. Thank you, Dianne

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