Physical Healing 101

Mike uses scripture and testimony to activate you in the Holy Spirit powered gift of Healing! You are called to do the things Jesus did! You can start today!

The Gift of Prophecy 101

Mike uses Scripture and testimony to demonstrate and activate the Gift of Prophecy! Let’s build up, encourage, and console the church in this POWERF-FILLED Holy Spirit Gift that is available to you right now!

The True Miracle of Healing with Mike Nolan

Mike Nolan speaks at Holy Name Catholic Church with the church leadership team. Mike’s message is a reminder that Christ works through us, even the unworthy, to heal and prophesize.

The Anatomy of a Heart | Night Two

Hear from parishioner Mike Nolan about how our wounds affect how we see the world and the heart of our God.

“Behind every disordered desire is a good and holy desire, an unmet need, an unhealed wound, and a hidden pattern of sin.” Dr. Bob Schuchts