Physical Healing 101

Mike uses scripture and testimony to activate you in the Holy Spirit powered gift of Healing! You are called to do the things Jesus did! You can start today!

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  1. God Bless You, Mike!

    Just a couple of corrections:

    1. The correct word is “raised Jesus from the dead” not “rose Jesus from the dead.” Jesus rose from the dead, yes But if You say “the Holy Spirit rose Jesus,” or “rose Jesus from the dead” or “Jesus rose Himself from the dead ” – that is totally incorrect grammar. The proper word is “raised Him from the dead.” “Raised Him” not “Rose Him.”

    2. The correct name of the Book of Revelation is the Book of Revelation, not The Book of Revelations, or “Revelations.” There is No “Book of Revelations” in the Holy Bible. “Revelation” is the Correct name. For instance Revelation 12:1, not “Revelations 12:1.”

    These are such basic, fundamental parts of our Holy Faith – how is it You speak in error regarding them? It makes me question what kind of qualifications You have to teach. I see there is nothing about anyone’s qualifications, education, or work history on the website. There’s more to Christianity than healings. How many Popes have healed people during their lives?
    You seem to be reducing the Holy Catholic Faith to healings and prophecying – like the Protestant Charismatic groups do.

    Mentioning the $200 a woman sent You and then saying You “don’t want people to send You money,” but, “Praise Jesus,” You’re “happy if they do because You don’t make any money off of this” – You are “on Mission”…..well maybe you’d better get a job like other husbands and fathers and support Your family with a paycheck, and then also have Your ministry once Your responsibility to Your family is covered.

    Good luck.


  2. Dear Mike, your spirit is on fire for our Lord! I’m sorry the only comment happens to be someone telling you to get a “real job”. But since you’re a husband and a father, i assume you DO have a job as well as an understanding family and supportive wife who helps you fulfill God’s mission! When we are “zapped” by God, we often work overtime! Amen!

    Thank you for your inspirational healing stories!

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